Will a Porcelain Bridge Look Natural?

A porcelain bridge looks completely natural once it is placed securely in a patient’s mouth, so much so that Houston dentist Dr. S.M. Griffin, DDS, says that most people don’t even realize when the person they’re talking to is wearing a porcelain bridge.

The reason why porcelain bridges look so natural has to do with the porcelain material that’s used, explains Dr. Griffin. Porcelain is a material that looks exactly like a natural tooth, which is one of the many reasons why dentists around the country prefer to use porcelain for their bridges and veneers.

In addition to the material, Dr. Griffin says that another factor that plays a large role in how natural a person’s porcelain bridge will look is the fit. By working with a top-rated dentist in Houston who uses an excellent laboratory, patients can feel confident that their bridges will fit snugly and securely in their mouths. When a bridge fits well, it is much less noticeable and blends in much better.

For the most part, Dr. Griffin says that porcelain bridges are recommended when patients are looking for ways to replace one or more missing teeth. A porcelain bridge connects to at least one tooth on either side of the toothless area, helping to ensure the security of the bridge at all times.

One factor that Dr. Griffin says his patients are very concerned with – besides the aesthetic look of their porcelain bridges – is how their bridges will impact their ability to eat and chew normal foods. Patients want to make sure they are getting a device that is not going to come in and out of their mouths, explains Dr. Griffin. Instead, they want something that is seated permanently.

By opting for something permanent like a porcelain bridge, rather than removable dentures, patients are able to brush normally in the area just as they would with their natural teeth. This makes it easier for people to keep their gums healthy and their teeth clean, and it decreases the chances that they will need to visit a dentist in Houston for more serious work in the future.

Among patients who are not concerned about having a fixed device, Dr. Griffin says partials are very common. Unlike bridges, partial dentures do come in and out of the mouth. The reason why partials are still somewhat popular among Dr. Griffin’s patients in Houston is because they are quite a bit less expensive than porcelain bridges.

Nonetheless, for patients who want a natural look, Dr. Griffin says it would be hard to find anything better than a fixed porcelain bridge.

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