Why You Should Never Put Off Root Canal Therapy

When dentists recommend that their patients get root canals, time is almost always of the essence. In most cases, patients need root canals immediately. Putting off root canal therapy for a number of months can result in unnecessary pain and potential infections, says Dr. Michael O’Donnell.

Speaking from his office at Great Florida Smiles- DeFuniak Springs, Dr. O’Donnell explains that people who put off getting root canals for too long can get serious infections. People in DeFuniak Springs who need a root canal should not put the procedure off, because doing so could put their health in jeopardy.

One of the reasons why a patient should not put off a root canal in DeFuniak Springs is because the resulting infection can actually drain itself into the body – thereby eliminating the majority of the pain. Because the patient is not in pain, he or she may not realize that an infection is occurring elsewhere in the body. The only symptom would be a bad taste in the mouth, in many cases. That, explains Dr. O’Donnell, is why infections can be life threatening.

If a patient puts off getting a root canal in DeFuniak Springs, then the affected tooth can decay to such an extent that it can no longer be saved. In some other cases, the infection can get so extreme that the chances of a successful root canal are slim. In these cases, Dr. O’Donnell would recommend that patients get implants instead.

At his office in DeFuniak Springs, the root canal expert says many people who are not considered good candidates for more traditional procedures will get dental implants instead. Implants can sometimes be used for a better long-term result. Dr. O’Donnell says that dental implants are one of the most predictable procedures offered by dentists today.

A dental implant is a special screw that goes into the mouth. Dr. O’Donnell does many immediate implantations, which is a one-step procedure that involves putting a screw right into the socket where the previous tooth was. The dentist will then allow the mouth to heal, and he will come back later to put a crown on. The resulting product will look and function exactly like a natural tooth. The only difference is that the crowned implant is never going to decay.

Teeth that have had root canals done on them have the tendency to crack because they become brittle over time, and the success rate of root canals is not as high as the success rate among patients who have gotten dental implants. However, Dr. O’Donnell says that patients at his practice who have unfavorable results from their root canals can get the expense of their procedures applied toward the cost of implants. Patients who go this route and stick with Dr. O’Donnell’s office – rather than seeing an outside dentist for root canal therapy – can rest assured that they will not have wasted money if their root canals do not turn out as planned.

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