Why Should I Switch From Dentures to Implants?

For many years, the most common treatment for men and women suffering from tooth loss was removable dentures. Dentures provided patients with a way to cover up perceived flaws in their smiles, however they were not without their troubles. According to Dr. Jose Abadin of Abadin Dental in Coral Gables, FL, dental implants are now viewed as the preferable option for people missing one or more of their natural teeth.

The main problem with removable dentures has to do with retention. Patients who wore dentures in the past had difficulty keeping their smiles securely in place, and as a result many dealt with poor retention issues on a daily basis. Even when dentures were securely in the mouth, patients would still complain about instability. Dentures that moved around a lot made it difficult for people to eat their favorite foods without fearing that their dental appliances might pop out at any given time.

Although dental implants have been popular for many years, Dr. Abadin says there are still many people in Florida who are wearing their original removable dentures simply because they are not aware of how many other options are out there today. He encourages people who feel that their dentures are uncomfortable or unstable to visit his office to find out about dental implants in Coral Gables, FL.

When a person loses a tooth, the bone in his or her mouth will begin to disintegrate and the gums will begin to recede. This process happens slowly at first, and then speeds up as less and less natural bone is left. By placing an implant into the jaw, dentists like Dr. Abadin can prevent the bone from disintegrating and the gums from receding. Even better: dental implants look completely natural.

In Coral Gables, FL, dental implants are often used to create retention and stability in the mouth, without any pain or discomfort. These devices offer a number of benefits to patients, the most important of which is just how successful they are. Dental implants in Coral Gables, FL, have a success rate that is higher than 90 percent.

When given the choice between a dental implant and a partial bridge, Dr. Abadin says most patients will opt for an implant because the device is completely independent of all other teeth in the mouth. As a result, the dentist does not have to reduce or traumatize any adjacent teeth while the implant is going in. Dental implants are more durable than virtually any other restorative option, including dentures and partials.

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