Why Is Tooth Decay Having a Resurgence in America?

Tooth decay has become a huge problem throughout the United States. According to Dr. William DeBonis of the New York dentist office, Worldwide Plaza Dental, PLLC, tooth decay seems to be coming back – at least in part – because people are not taking care of their teeth in the ways that they should.

Speaking from his office, the New York dentist says basic things like brushing and flossing regularly can go a long way in preventing tooth decay from occurring. In addition to maintaining good oral hygiene, patients are encouraged to address any dietary issues they may be dealing with before they swell out of control.

Diet plays a much larger role in the development of tooth decay than most people realize. Dr. DeBonis emphasizes that people who are addicted to carbohydrates are setting themselves up for trouble. Foods and drinks that are high in acidity can be problematic, as well, since these products are closely linked to tooth decay and cavities. People who are big soda or red wine drinkers, and even children who enjoy fruit juice on a frequent basis, need to be careful about how much acid they are consuming each day.

If a person is prone to cavities and he does not have great enamel to begin with, then dietary problems should be addressed even more quickly. Some people are genetically prone to tooth decay, either because they do not have great tooth enamel or because they inherited this trait from their mothers or fathers. Being genetically prone to tooth decay does not guarantee that a person will suffer from this condition, however it does increase the probability. If that person does not do everything right when it comes to his oral health, then tooth decay will eventually become an issue. Speaking from his dentist office in New York, Dr. DeBonis says people who are genetically prone to tooth decay need to make sure they are brushing well at least twice each day, flossing well at least once each day, and coming to his New York dentist office regularly for checkups and professional cleanings.

To prevent tooth decay from developing, Dr. DeBonis recommends that patients come to his dentist office in New York for cleanings at least once every six months. At-home teeth cleaning needs to become a routine, as well. For more information, Dr. DeBonis encourages patients to contact his office in New York.

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