Why Is Oral Hygiene Important For People With Implants?

Maintaining good oral hygiene through diligent at-home care is especially important for people with dental implants. According to Dr. Farzin Farokh of Eastside Elite Smiles on New York’s Upper East Side, implant dentistry requires a certain level of cleanliness and hygiene to remain effective.

As a leading provider of implant dentistry on the Upper East Side, Dr. Farokh explains that most people get dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth. Implants are generally best when reserved for healthy adult patients who are free of diabetes or other ongoing medical conditions.

Once a person receives dental implants, it is important to keep those new implants clean. From a professional perspective, Dr. Farokh explains that an Upper East Side implant dentistry expert cannot use the same tools to clean around the teeth of a person with implants as he can on a person without implants. Many of the conventional tools dentists and hygienists use to clean in and around teeth are made of metal, which can easily damage a dental implant. Instead, Dr. Farokh recommends that Upper East Side implant dentistry professionals use special plastic instruments when cleaning the mouths of people with implants.

At home, Dr. Farokh recommends that people continue to use most of the same cleaning appliances they used before receiving their implants. Electric toothbrushes work especially well, followed up by flossing with regular dental floss. According to Dr. Farokh, flossing is the single most important activity that a person with dental implants can undertake. Failing to floss each evening can lead to bacteria build up and other dangerous oral health conditions.

An implant is a permanent restoration with a very high success rate of 98%. However, people who want to ensure that their implants remain effective need to keep up with their daily brushing and flossing habits. They should also continue visiting their dentists at least once every six months for regular cleanings and examinations. Adults with implants who do not follow this routine recall schedule are opening themselves up for brittle bone diseases and other conditions that could permanently weaken their implants.

For more information on the benefits of dental implants and to find out how to take care of implants once they’ve been placed, Dr. Farokh recommends contacting his office, Eastside Elite Smiles.

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