Why is It So Important to Find a Good General Dentist?

General dentistry is one of the most difficult fields of dentistry because a true general dentist needs to know about almost everything when it comes to the teeth and the jaw. According to Folsom family dentist Dr. Hamid Nasr of Creekside Dentistry, general dentists and family dentists have much broader scopes of knowledge than some more specialized dental professionals.

Dr. Nasr goes on to explain that a true general dentist can’t say that he isn’t equipped to do root canals, or that he doesn’t know how to place dental implants. If a person is going to be a general dentist or a family dentist, then he has to be able to do root canals and place dental implants, and he has to be able to treat people of all ages. A family dentist in Folsom who will not provide treatment for the whole family, including young children, is not a true family dentist. In Folsom, Dr. Nasr says not all general dentists have received the same education, and this is part of the reason why general and family dentists offer varying services at their practices. The types of procedures and treatments that a general or family dentist provides will be based on how far that dentist wants to continue with his education.

Nonetheless, general dentists who offer a number of procedures are better able to earn the trust of their patients. If a patient ever does come to Dr. Nasr’s office with a condition that the Folsom family dentist cannot treat, then he will refer that patient to a specialist nearby. However, there are very few procedures that Dr. Nasr cannot perform in his office.

If a patient comes in with crowded teeth and he wants Invisalign, for example, then Dr. Nasr can do that. If a patient comes in wanting to do implants, Dr. Nasr can do that, as well. If a patient were to walk into Dr. Nasr’s office in need of a root canal, then the family dentist says he would be able to perform the procedure right away. This makes it easier on his patients, since they don’t need to go somewhere else for most advanced dental treatments.

True general dentists and family dentists need to do everything and know everything when it comes to the field of dentistry. To make sure that he is capable of meeting that high mark, Dr. Nasr has taken more than 100 hours of continuing education courses to ensure he remains up-to-date in every aspect of his profession.

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