Why Everyone Needs Professional Cleanings

Prevention is always less expensive than treatment, which is why cost-conscious dental patients are usually the first in line for semi-annual cleanings and exams. According to Dr. Robert Kacmarcik, a dentist in Newark, DE, professional cleanings are much less expensive than the treatments required to repair cavities and oral infections.

The Newark, DE, dentist goes on to explain that some people erroneously believe that they do not need cleanings once every six months because they take such good care of their teeth 365 days a year. While twice-a-day brushing and flossing are key for men and women who want to keep their teeth sparkling and white, Dr. Kacmarcik says these routines are no substitute for professional cleanings. Plaque and tartar can build up in areas of the mouth that are impossible for the average layperson to see. If these issues are not addressed – and the plaque is not removed at least once every six months – then serious dental damage can result.

Another important piece of the puzzle has to do with dental x-rays. Dr. Kacmarcik says he routinely discovers and diagnoses oral conditions based on bitewing x-ray images. Not only can x-ray images be helpful in diagnosing small cavities and decay between teeth, but they can also be useful in the early detection of oral cancer.

The flip side of this issue, explains Dr. Kacmarcik, is that people who brush and floss their teeth regularly may not feel pain even if they do have small cavities between certain teeth. This lack of pain can give people a false sense of safety, and as a result they start skipping appointments. Unfortunately, Dr. Kacmarcik says that many of the most common dental conditions cause no pain whatsoever. Thus, it would be impossible for a person to tell whether or not he could skip an appointment based purely on how his teeth were feeling.

Not every patient needs to come in for semi-annual cleanings, but people who do often notice that their dental bills tend to be cheaper as a result. The Newark, DE, dentist says the time between cleanings will vary from person to person, with some patients coming in every two months and some people only coming in once every 12 months. For the majority of people, once every six months is ideal.

Men and women should continue to visit a dentist in Newark, DE, for check-ups and cleanings for the same reason they visit their doctors for annual physical exams. Only a professional can accurately diagnose dangerous conditions in the earlier stages, which saves people time, money, and pain in the long run.

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