Why Do Thousand Oaks Dentistry Professionals Suggest Cleanings Twice a Year?

Regular cleanings by dental professionals are an important part of any oral hygiene regimen. Although most patients come in for professional dental cleanings twice each year, Thousand Oaks dentistry expert Dr. Celso Ross-Araujo DDS says that patients with certain conditions or risk factors may be asked to come in more frequently for check-ups and exams.

Speaking from his office in Thousand Oaks, the dentistry professional says that routine dental cleanings are imperative for anyone who wishes to maintain good overall oral health. Dental cleanings should leave people’s teeth feeling clean and smooth in a way that could never be achieved with basic brushing and flossing alone. In fact, Dr. Ross-Araujo says patients routinely tell him that they love getting teeth cleanings because their teeth feel and taste so clean afterward.

Dr. Ross-Araujo goes on to explain that patients should expect their regular dental cleanings to be fairly standard and straightforward with minimal pain or discomfort. The more frequently a patient comes in for cleanings, the more comfortable his cleanings will most likely be. Deep cleanings are generally reserved for patients with symptoms that reflect a possible case of gingivitis or periodontitis.

One common misconception that Dr. Ross-Araujo hears quite frequently is the idea that coming into the dentist’s office on a semi-annual basis is all anyone needs to maintain a healthy smile. This is the case for some patients, but certainly not everyone. At his Thousand Oaks dentistry practice, Dr. Ross-Araujo recommends that patients come in for cleanings at least once every four months.

Why, you may ask? Dr. Ross-Araujo explains the reason most dentists recommend semi-annual cleanings has more to do with insurance costs than actual patient care. In the past, most dental insurance companies would only pay for their clients to have dental cleanings twice a year. Because of that, dentists adjusted their schedules and recommendations accordingly.

Today, dental insurance companies are making strides in the coverage of preventative dental care. Executives at these companies are realizing that they can save money in the long run by helping people avoid cavities, decay, and other dental conditions in the first place. The best way to help people avoid common oral diseases is through routine care and professional cleanings. To avoid problems like calcification, Dr. Ross-Araujo recommends that patients come in three times a year for cleanings. This is something that many dental insurance companies are now covering, as well.

The more frequently a patient comes in, the easier it will be to catch dental issues while they are still small and easy to repair. For more information on this, Dr. Ross-Araujo recommends that people contact his dentistry practice in Thousand Oaks.

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