Why Dentists Recommend Conservative Dental Treatments

Conservative dentistry is a relatively new concept that centers around the elimination of unnecessary dental treatments. According to Reseda, CA, dentist Dr. Shawn Matian of Bio Dental, conservative dentistry is a concept that benefits both patients and dentists.

Because conservative dentistry is still a relatively new concept, some dentists nearing the ends of their careers are less knowledgeable about what it entails. These dentists might recommend dental procedures or treatments that are not absolutely necessary, which is a problem for patients who wish to keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. Many of the materials that general dentists now use to repair teeth in a minimally invasive way were not available 10 or 20 years ago, and dentists who completed their training before that time may not be fully aware of all the options that are now available.

For example,  a patient who went to a dentist’s office with a small cavity on a back tooth. In the past, that small cavity would require a large filling simply because of the filling material that dentists used. These filling materials – specifically, the silver fillings needed bulk for strength. If a dentist put a tiny filling in a tooth, the silver filling would fall out. Because of this, dentists would have to make very large holes and put in large fillings to repair very small cavities.

The materials that a Reseda, CA, dentist like Dr. Matian uses today are very different. Dr. Matian uses white bonded materials that are not made from metal. These bonded materials can be used to create extremely small fillings, which means there is no longer a reason for a dentist to remove an excessive amount of tooth structure when filling a small cavity. When he is repairing a small cavity with a bonded material, Dr. Matian uses a small drill to remove the cavity without displacing the natural tooth. This is a more conservative approach to dentistry.

Each person only has two sets of teeth, and the first set usually falls out before age 12. The goal, then, should be to maintain the adult dentition for as long as humanly possible. The more aggressive a dentist in Reseda, CA, is with the treatments he recommends, the quicker the patient’s teeth are going to be ruined.

All fillings will inevitably have to be replaced, since even the strongest fillings are only designed to last 10 to 15 years. When a filling stops functioning correctly, a Reseda, CA, dentist will replace it with a larger filling. Larger fillings will eventually be replaced with crowns, which will eventually lead to teeth being pulled. The less work a dentist does on a patient’s teeth, the longer that patient will be able to keep those teeth.

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