Why Are So Many People Using Invisalign Right Now?

Invisalign has become incredibly popular over the past five years for several reasons, says Dr. Earl Broker of Voorhees Orthodontic Associates in Cherry Hill, NJ. An Invisalign specialist, Dr. Broker explains that the No. 1 reason why so many people prefer Invisalign over traditional braces is because the clear plastic aligners are invisible.

Nobody wants other people to know they are wearing braces, and the Cherry Hill specialist says Invisalign gives people a way to be incognito about straightening their teeth. In the past, Dr. Broker says there were many people who wanted their teeth straightened but were embarrassed about wearing braces or worried about the discomfort that metal braces might cause. Now these people have a completely new option.

Invisalign is the cleanest technology for straightening teeth, as well, since people can remove their aligners to brush and floss after each meal. This ensures that nothing gets caught between the teeth, and patients should have no problem maintaining good oral health during their orthodontic treatments.

At his practice in Cherry Hill, the Invisalign specialist recommends Invisalign to many of his patients with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), as well. TMJ patients who have pain and problems with their joints will often be advised to try out Invisalign because wearing the two aligners together acts as a splint in the mouth. All throughout their orthodontic treatments, these patients get the benefit of being able to decompress the temporomandibular joints and relax the muscles thanks to their plastic aligners. This is just one of the many advantages of Invisalign therapy.

In terms of qualifying for Invisalign, the Cherry Hill specialist says that almost everyone with misaligned teeth is a candidate. The price of Invisalign used to be higher than conventional braces or braces with ceramic attachments; however, Dr. Broker says that is no longer the case. Traditional orthodontic treatments with metal brackets and wires costs nearly the same as orthodontic treatments done with Invisalign.

As long as a potential patient is not growing – meaning the patient is not a child or in his or her early teens – then Dr. Broker can easily recommend Invisalign. Although Dr. Broker can use Invisalign on teens, he says it is not a good idea to go this route with children who are 6, 7, or 8 years old. If a child needs early treatment, then Dr. Broker would recommend correcting the growth deformity with some type of retainer for 11 or 12 months, and then finishing the patient off with Invisalign when they get to their late teens.

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