Who Should Consider In-Ovation C Braces?

Self-ligating braces, like the In-Ovation C braces, differentiate themselves from traditional metal braces by utilizing movable components along the archwire. According to Dr. Irena M Baker DDS, an orthodontist in Seattle, WA, braces with self-ligating features can ease the transition of movement in the mouth.

Specifically, Dr. Baker says self-ligating braces are another way of using a fixed appliance to straighten out the teeth. Self-ligating braces, which are made by many companies, use a built-in clip to hold the archwires in place without the need for elastic ties. From the patient’s perspective, Dr. Baker says self-ligating braces are often requested because of the aesthetic benefits.

The best candidates for In-Ovation C braces are people who want optimal control and pleasing aesthetics. Not only are In-Ovation C braces smaller in size than traditional metal braces, but they are also stronger and more efficient. Dr. Baker explains that these benefits lead to higher levels of attractiveness, increased comfort, and improved reliability. People who wear In-Ovation C braces do not have to worry about their elastic ties breaking like people with traditional braces might.

The claim made by most companies that sell self-ligating braces is that products with movable components that entrap the archwire will move the teeth faster than traditional braces. In Seattle, WA, Dr. Baker says self-ligating braces are generally preferred by orthodontists because they make the process of taking wires in and out slightly more expedient. The makers of these appliances also say that self-ligating braces are more comfortable for people to wear.

People who get self-ligating braces in Seattle, WA, can get clear brackets or porcelain braces with self-ligating features. This is aesthetically appealing because it gives patients the option to change the color of their braces and potentially have them appear less noticeable or apparent in their mouths.

Dr. Baker always lets patients choose between traditional metal braces and self-ligating braces, like In-Ovation Cs. Younger patients who want the option of being able to choose their own colorful elastic ties will sometimes shy away from self-ligating braces in Seattle, WA, for the very same reason that more mature patients prefer them – how unnoticeable they are in the mouth.

Despite anecdotal evidence on both sides, Dr. Baker says researchers have found that there is not much of a difference in the overall outcome for patients who go with traditional metal braces or self-ligating braces, like the In-Ovation Cs. Both options can give men and women of all ages fantastic results.

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