Who Can Benefit From a Gum Lift?

Call it a gum lift, a crown lengthening, or gingival reshaping; Bethesda cosmetic dentist, Dr. Spencer Hornstein, says these are three names for a single procedure that is intended to help anyone who has ever been told that he or she had a “gummy” smile.

Interestingly, Dr. Hornstein says that having a gummy smile is not the result of any type of dental abnormality. Rather, some people simply have longer-than-average gums that cover up a good portion of their front teeth. Esthetically speaking, this is a problem that most of Dr. Hornstein’s patients say they wish they could get rid of, which is why gum lifts and crown lengthening procedures are so popular among patients in Bethesda, Maryland.

At his office, Dentistry of Bethesda, Dr. Hornstein says that he and his colleagues refer to this procedure most commonly as crown lengthening. During this type of procedure, Dr. Hornstein says a dentist would essentially be removing the gum tissue along the front of a person’s smile to make his or her teeth appear larger and longer. When done properly, crown lengthening can give a patient’s teeth a better shape and size, which should always be proportional to the overall facial structure and smile line.

The reason why crown lengthening procedures are also known as gum lifts is because a cosmetic dentist in Bethesda essentially needs to “lift” a person’s gums in order to expose more of his or her teeth. In a matter of minutes, a patient who has lived with a gummy smile all of his life can completely change the look of his smile – all without any orthodontic intervention or the need for porcelain veneers.

Thanks to the use of lasers, Dr. Hornstein says gum lift procedures can be performed in very little time nowadays. With a special laser, a cosmetic dentist in Bethesda can go into a patient’s mouth and actually reshape his or her gums to expose more tooth structure. At the same time, the dentist will be shaping the gums in a way that gives the newly exposed tooth underneath a nice, natural shape.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Hornstein says the possibilities are endless. Aesthetic dental issues that were once impossible to fix can now be remedied in minutes, which is why Dr. Hornstein recommends that people who are unhappy with their smiles get in touch with a cosmetic dentist in their local area for more information on the treatments and techniques that are available to remedy their particular problem.

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