Which Health Conditions Are Linked to Poor Oral Hygiene?

Poor oral hygiene effects more than just the mouth. Although many people say that the No. 1 reason they brush and floss their teeth each day is to maintain minty fresh breath, the reality is that failing to follow through with these daily rituals can seriously impact a person’s health. According to Dr. Peter Do, DDS, a dentist in Escondido, California, poor oral hygiene can quickly lead to gum disease, which can impact systemic health.

Dr. Do goes on to explain that people who do not brush at least twice each day and floss at least once each day are allowing plaque to build up on their teeth. This leads to bad breath and it can cause teeth to slowly discolor over time. What many people do not realize is just how much havoc these poor oral habits can have on their overall physical health and wellbeing.

A person who does not brush and floss regularly is significantly more likely to get gum disease or gingivitis, says the Escondido dentist. The bacteria that is associated with gum disease will fester and grow in the mouth, until it gets to the point where the gums become red and they start to bleed. This is known as a gingival infection. By the time this occurs, there is a good chance that the oral bacteria that caused this infection has already spread to other areas of the body.

Researchers have shown that gingival infections are directly linked to heart disease, and people who fail to adequately address their oral conditions are far more likely to suffer congruently from heart health problems as well, explains the Escondido dentist.

To avoid these concerns and keep the body in tip-top shape, Dr. Do recommends that his patients come in for semi-annual cleanings and exams. In addition, all children and adults should be brushing and flossing their teeth each day. People with certain underlying conditions and those who are taking prescription medications could be more susceptible to oral health problems such as gum disease. As such, they should pay even closer attention to any symptoms they may be experiencing.

If a person notices that his gums are inflamed or he sees bleeding in the sink when he brushes, then Dr. Do says that is a clear indicator that a trip to the dentist in Escondido is in order. If gum disease is addressed and treated in a timely fashion, patients can avoid putting themselves at an increased risk for heart disease and many other dangerous health conditions that can result.

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