Where to Find Accurate Information About Oral Health

The Internet is rife with information about every topic under the sun. Unfortunately, most people have no way of knowing whether the information they’re reading online is accurate. That is why Dr. Rodney Alles of Ideal Dental Fort Worth in Fort Worth, Texas, still recommends that patients stick with the basics when it comes to researching dental health topics, and ask their dentists directly when they have questions or concerns.

As a top dentist offering dentures in Fort Worth, TX, Dr. Alles knows how common it is for patients to be misinformed about common dental topics. When they get their information from unknown sources on the Internet, people can be led down a path of unhealthy habits and costly mistakes. Just because a certain practice sounds healthy – or just because a so-called expert recommends it on an Internet website – does not mean that people should try it on their own. Dr. Alles says it is important that people speak with their dentist about any new treatments they are considering, whether they’re talking about implants, crowns, or dentures in Fort Worth, TX.

Dr. Alles always makes himself available to patients who have urgent questions about their oral health. In most cases, he says people prefer to hold onto their less urgent questions until they come in for their semi-annual cleanings and exams. Before or after a semi-annual exam is an excellent time for a patient to ask his or her dentist about potential treatment options, hygiene issues, and any other dental concerns. Dental hygienists have also been trained in how to respond accurately to these types of questions, and they will generally refer the patient to the dentist when specific questions require a more thorough response.

Most people say they look up health information online because it saves time, however Dr. Alles strongly disagrees with that common notion. He says it can actually take a person more time to look up the answer to a question online than to pick up the phone and call his or her dentist’s office. And more importantly, the patient has no way of knowing whether the information he found online is even correct.

Patient education is a priority at Dr. Alles’ office, whether he is discussing general hygiene, dental implants, or dentures in Fort Worth, TX. When he is not cleaning patients’ teeth and repairing cavities, Dr. Alles can usually be found speaking to patients about any questions or concerns they are dealing with.

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

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