When Should Old Metal Fillings Be Replaced?

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments for patients in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is the replacement of old metal fillings. According to Fredericksburg cosmetic dentist Dr. Adam Afsahi, the process of removing these fillings and putting in aesthetically pleasing white fillings is both painless and easy.

Speaking from his office at Fredericksburg Pediatric and Cosmetic Dentistry in Fredericksburg, the cosmetic dentist goes on to explain that patients can reap a number of health benefits from changing out their old metal fillings with new white fillings – in addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits.

Old metal fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, can actually damage the teeth as they sit in the mouth and deteriorate over time. The reason for this, explains Dr. Afsahi, is because of how often the temperature in the mouth fluctuates between hot and cold. Every time the mouth is hot, amalgam fillings expand. Every time the mouth is cold, amalgam fillings contract and get smaller. This constant contraction and expansion can be detrimental to the teeth, as it will create fine cracks underneath the fillings over a long period of time.

A person with fine cracks may not know that he has this problem, until one day when that person bites into something as soft as a piece of bread or cake and notices that his tooth has crumbled. Dr. Afsahi says this type of thing does not happen all the time; however, the Fredericksburg cosmetic dentist does see a number of emergency cases related to broken teeth caused by older amalgam fillings each year.

The fillings used today by the Fredericksburg cosmetic dentist are made from a composite resin material. In layman’s terms, they are commonly called white fillings. Composite resin fillings do not contain any mercury, which is another benefit when compared to the older metal fillings most people are now having replaced. Dr. Afsahi says nobody really knows what mercury does just yet, however there are health issues associated with it and most people would prefer to avoid being in contact with it whenever possible. As a result, many people are removing their amalgam fillings as a way to get mercury out of their mouths and reduce the health hazards that can be associated with this mysterious substance.

For more information on the reasons behind switching out amalgam fillings for white composite fillings, Dr. Afsahi recommends contacting his office in Fredericksburg. The cosmetic dentist offers consultations for prospective patients with burning questions.

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