When Should I Get a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Frequent brushing and flossing can only get a patient so far. While these daily rituals are an important step to maintaining good oral health Dr. Rodney Alles of Ideal Dental Fort Worth says the only way to reach hidden areas between teeth and in the back of the mouth is with a thorough professional dental cleaning.

Speaking from his office in Fort Worth, TX, the general dentistry expert says people of all ages should be visiting the dentist at least twice each year, if not more frequently. During these semi-annual visits, the dentist or a certified dental hygienist should perform a thorough cleaning to remove plaque, tartar, and any other debris from along the teeth and gums.

Although professional cleanings are an important part of keeping smiles bright and white, Dr. Alles says the true benefits go beyond aesthetics. Professional dental cleanings have actually been proven to help prevent a number of extremely serious dental conditions from developing. These conditions include cavities, decay, periodontal disease, and plaque build up, to name just a few. The Fort Worth, TX, general dentistry expert says most patients have no idea how important semi-annual dental cleanings are to maintaining healthy smiles.

Another thing that many patients do not realize is just how many tools are involved in a basic dental cleaning. Whereas patients typically have access to toothbrushes and floss at home, Fort Worth, TX, general dentistry experts use a number of specialized tools when they clean teeth in the office. These custom tools include ultrasonic scaling devices and dental picks. Ultrasonic scaling devices are a necessary component of any dental cleaning, since they are used to remove plaque and tartar from difficult to reach areas between teeth.

When it’s done correctly, a dental cleaning should be a pain free process that lasts under one hour. Dr. Alles cautions, however, that the amount of tooth scraping that is necessary during a dental cleaning will depend on how long it has been since a patient last came in for a visit. The more frequently a patient comes in for dental cleanings, the quicker and more pain free the process will be.

When they have finished removing bacteria and debris from patients’ teeth, most hygienists will finish up dental cleanings with a quick tooth polishing. At his general dentistry practice in Fort Worth, TX, Dr. Alles’ hygienists use tooth polishing to make their patients’ teeth look whiter and feel smoother. Tooth polishing is not the same thing as teeth whitening, and Dr. Alles says the quick treatment is added to every dental cleaning at no extra cost.

Although dental cleanings are not a replacement for regular brushing and flossing, they are an important part of maintaining good oral health.

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