When Is the Right Time to Extract a Wisdom Tooth?

In most cases, patients will need to get their wisdom teeth taken out during their late teens or early twenties. However, a dentist or oral surgeon in Downey, CA, will not know for sure when the right time for a patient is without having a close look at a panoramic x-ray.

At Downey Dental Pro, the experts recommend taking panoramic x-ray images of all patients around age 15. In these x-rays, dentists will look closely for signs of growth in the mouth and they will check for the development of the wisdom teeth. Although most patients are not developing wisdom teeth at age 15, it is important to catch those patients with teeth that are growing in more quickly than normal. In addition to using panoramic x-rays, dentists will also use intraoral cameras when making this diagnosis.

Depending on what a dentist or oral surgeon in Downey sees in the panoramic x-ray image, and with the intraoral camera, he or she may recommend that the patient move toward getting his or her teeth taken out right away. The average patient at Downey Dental Pro will get his or her teeth extracted around age 18. The experts say this is the ideal age, because it gives the patient’s teeth enough time to form but still gets them out before the jaw has time to develop completely.

Of course, a dentist or oral surgeon in Downey will only recommend extraction if the patient does not have enough room in his or her mouth for the wisdom teeth to grow in correctly. If the patient’s wisdom teeth are growing in without becoming impacted or without damaging the surrounding teeth, then the patient may be able to wait a few years past the age of 18 before having them taken out.

Because of the way the human mouth and jaw is formed, most people do not have adequate room for their wisdom teeth. This leads to pressure, pain, and inflammation when those teeth start to grow in. At Downey Dental Pro, general dentists will refer their patients to an oral surgeon in Downey immediately if a patient starts complaining of signs that are indicative of wisdom tooth impaction.

When a patient’s wisdom teeth start erupting, he or she will know. An erupted wisdom tooth puts pressure on the gums and makes the teeth sensitive to bite down on. In some cases, patients experience inflammation or they notice that food is getting trapped.

It is important that dentists make the referral to an oral surgeon immediately, as opposed to holding off until the child is older, because waiting too long to have the wisdom teeth taken out can put the patient at a disadvantage. It is important is that patients get their wisdom teeth out before their mid-twenties, because at that point the bone becomes much stronger and the extraction procedure itself becomes much more traumatic.

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