When Is Corrective Jaw Surgery Necessary?

Most children who visit the orthodontist at age 7 for their first evaluations and exams will find out that their jaws are perfectly healthy, and that they have many more years before braces will be necessary. For some children, however, more immediate action may be needed to prevent any ongoing jaw or skeletal issues from getting worse over time.

According to Dr. Justin Parker, a popular orthodontist in Salt Lake City, braces are not always the first step in the orthodontic treatment process. In the case of patients who have severe skeletal problems, corrective jaw surgery may need to be taken care of first. A skeletal problem is an obvious bone problem going on with either one of the jaws. Boys and girls who have this problem need to come into the orthodontist’s office for a consultation and an individualized assessment. Based on the results of this assessment, the child may need to work directly with an oral surgeon.

As a prominent orthodontist offering braces in Salt Lake City, Dr. Parker works with a dozen or so patients in need of corrective surgery each year. He cautions that cases involving severe skeletal discrepancies involve complicated treatment plans. Despite the complexity that can sometimes be involved, Dr. Parker says it is important to note that any person who knows that he or she has a jaw abnormality needs to come to an orthodontist’s office for an in-person consultation. Diagnosing a skeletal discrepancy or a jaw abnormality is not something that Dr. Parker can typically handle over the phone.

As a generalization, Dr. Parker does offer a basic analysis of what patients with these types of conditions can typically expect. In many cases, patients with jaw abnormalities will visit with an orthodontist and then get braces in Salt Lake City. Once the teeth have been moved into an acceptable position – a process that typically takes about one year – then the patient will prepare for surgery with one of Dr. Parker’s highly-regarded surgeons. Once the surgery is complete, then the patient will get braces put back on. He or she will then wear these braces in Salt Lake City for approximately one more year. Dr. Parker says that the process itself usually takes about two years to complete.

When the process is finished, patients can expect a flurry of activity in the office. Dr. Parker understands the time and money that people put into braces, and he acknowledges this by hosting an in-office disco party each time a patient completes his or her treatment. For more information on the skills and qualifications of all the professionals working at Dr. Parker’s Salt Lake City office, the orthodontist recommends giving his practice a call or coming by in person.

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