When Is a Crown the Best Option to Restore a Tooth to Its Natural Shape?

Dental crowns are the preferred restoration in several circumstances, says Dr. William W. Uraneck. A dentist who offers dental crowns in Weatherford, OK, Dr. Uraneck would recommend this option for anyone who has recently undergone a root canal treatment.

A tooth that has had a root canal has been hollowed out, and usually this tooth will have already had a large filling in it before the root canal even takes place, explains Dr. Uraneck. Once the root canal is complete and the tooth is hollow, the crown then reinforces and strengthens the existing tooth. Dental crowns give teeth the best possible seal after root canal therapy.

Another indication for dental crowns in Weatherford, OK, is when a tooth is missing multiple cusps. In some cases, it is possible to repair a tooth with just one cusp missing using a filling instead of a dental crown. However, a tooth that is missing more than two cusps needs to be repaired with a dental crown. This would be the recommended restoration.

Dr. Uraneck goes on to say that another incidence or circumstance when he uses dental crowns in Weatherford, OK, is when a patient’s tooth is showing initial signs of a fracture. That sensitivity to percussion is oftentimes a sign that a tooth is starting to crack and open up. If a dentist can get a crown on that tooth quickly enough, then oftentimes it is possible to preserve the tooth and stop the cracking from getting worse.

It is not unheard of for a dentist to recommend dental crowns for solely cosmetic reasons, either. Particularly on the front teeth, Dr. Uraneck says people will ask for crowns as a way to hide certain stains that cannot be removed through whitening treatments alone. People who have staining on their front teeth will frequently seek out crowns as a way to improve the aesthetics of their smiles.

The last indication that Dr. Uraneck would consider when recommending dental crowns in Weatherford, OK, involves fillings that are getting so big that the remaining enamel walls have become too thin to support the function of the tooth. If the enamel walls are too thin to support the filling and the tooth, then that is another circumstance when Dr. Uraneck would be likely to recommend that a patient consider getting a dental crown.

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