When Does a Basic Toothache Become a Dental Emergency?

Everyone has a tooth that aches at one point or another. However, Jacksonville emergency dentist Dr. Michael Thomasino of Jacksonville Emergency Dental says there is a big difference between a tooth that slightly aches and a tooth that is causing significant pain. When a toothache has gotten so bad that the pain is unrelenting and it will not seem to go away, a trip to the emergency dentist is almost always in order.

Dr. Thomasino says that most people have toothaches for awhile before they decide that the pain they are dealing with is serious enough to warrant a visit to the dentist. The majority of the patients who visit the Jacksonville emergency dentist say they thought the pain would pass, but it eventually got to the point where they could not deal with it anymore.

Whereas a basic toothache usually feels like a dull aching sensation, a more serious toothache causes people to feel constant throbbing and severe pain. That throbbing, specifically, is a clear indication that it is time to make an appointment with an emergency dentist in Jacksonville.

Dr. Thomasino believes that men and women with tooth pain should always be evaluated by a professional. The biggest problem with toothaches is that they can spontaneously start hurting very badly in very little time. Thus, a patient who thinks that his toothache is a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 could suddenly experience a surge in pain that brings him to a 9 on that same scale within just one hour’s time.

Once a patient has suffered the consequences of waiting too long to seek treatment for a painful toothache, Dr. Thomasino says that patient will rarely make the same mistake again. Many of Dr. Thomasino’s patients have told him, “If I get a toothache, then I know I need to get in to see the dentist because I have had one in the past, and you don’t mess around with this stuff.”

The most common causes of toothaches are cracked teeth, decay, or cavities. Toothaches can also be caused by periodontal disease or gum disease as well, although these are usually seen as the less likely culprits. Patients who make sure to visit their dentists regularly for semi-annual check-ups and cleanings can significantly reduce their chances of suffering from a toothache. However, nobody can ever completely prevent toothaches.

The important point that Dr. Thomasino is sure to make is that all toothaches should be taken seriously, and any tooth pain that does not subside within one or two hours should be checked out by an emergency dentist in Jacksonville.

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