When Do Older Fillings Need to Be Removed

When dental patients get cavities or decay, the most common form of treatment is a restorative filling. Unfortunately, Dr. Bill Keyes of Walk-In Dental, a dentistry office in Melbourne, FL, explains that there are some things about fillings that most people do not realize.

For instance, Dr. Keyes says that most dental fillings are not going to last a lifetime, the way a dental implant might, for example. Although dental fillings made from composite resin or amalgam will generally last for a very long time, there are many cases in which patients will have to return to their dentistry professional in Melbourne, FL, to have their fillings replaced.

In the past, the dental community relied heavily on amalgam when creating restorative fillings. Amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, lasted quite a long time. After a number of years, however, these fillings would sometimes become defective, or they would break down and recurrent decay would settle in around the broken seal. When the margin of the tooth and the filling no longer meet up exactly, Dr. Keyes says this situation is always an invitation for trouble.

It should be noted, however, that dentistry offices in Melbourne, FL, usually don’t replace fillings just because they are old. Nobody knows for sure how long a specific filling will last, and dentists like Dr. Keyes avoid replacing things that do not need to be replaced. When a patient comes in with decay around a filling that has clearly become defective, however, then Dr. Keyes says that is the time when action is necessary. He will generally recommend replacing the amalgam or silver filling with something made from composite resin.

The composite material that Dr. Keyes uses at his dentistry practice in Melbourne, FL, these days is 100% cured by the time the patient leaves the office – which is a noted departure from the amalgam fillings dentists once used. This quick drying time makes it possible for most patients to get fillings done in 30 minutes or less. By the time the patient leaves the office, he or she can go about the day like normal.

Dr. Keyes is careful to note that there can sometimes be cases where patients have some thermal sensitivity around their fillings for a week or so after having them placed. However, these instances are very rare, and most patients are able to leave Dr. Keyes’ office eating whatever it is they want with zero pain or discomfort after getting their composite resin fillings.

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