When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary for Orthodontic Patients?

Although tooth extractions are less common today than they were in decade’s past, there are still many cases in which orthodontists have to remove certain teeth in order to move a patient’s smile into alignment. According to Hershey orthodontist Dr. Susan Korch of Skorching Smiles, tooth extractions are sometimes a necessary part of an orthodontic treatment.

Specifically, Dr. Korch says that tooth extractions are necessary in cases where a patient’s profile – meaning the person’s outward appearance – is adversely affected by the position of certain teeth. If a patient cannot bring his lips together over the tops of his teeth, or if he suffers from a crowding problem that is severe to the point where an orthodontist in Hershey cannot safely align his teeth outside of the dental bone, then extraction is a possibility that needs to be discussed.

Every patient is different, and Dr. Korch is an orthodontist in Hershey who offers customized options for all of her patients’ unique needs. While rare, she says there are cases where it is impossible to align a patient’s teeth without pushing the teeth too far outside of the dental bone. Although she prefers to only use extractions in rare instances, there are many orthodontists who still do tooth extractions quite regularly. Dr. Korch is not one of those orthodontists, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, she rarely encourages patients to get extractions unless it is absolutely necessary because it makes little sense for a person to ever lose healthy teeth. That is one thing that patients and dental professionals are in agreement about: losing healthy teeth is never ideal.

Unfortunately, Dr. Korch says there are some cases in which it may be necessary for the Hershey orthodontist to remove a patient’s healthy tooth. When instances like that come up, it is extremely important that the healthy teeth are removed in the appropriate way. Orthodontists have to be careful not to over-retract the teeth, since this can lead to premature aging of the face.

When an orthodontist over-retracts the teeth during an extraction, that tends to flatten out profile, which makes people look older than they really are. Dr. Korch emphasizes that balance is always important when working with patients and offering extractions, since a patient’s profile should not look too full or too flat as a result of his orthodontic treatments.

For more information on the possible side effects of tooth extractions, the Hershey orthodontist recommends contacting her office and scheduling a consultation.

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