What Types of Defects Can a Dental Veneer Mask?

Porcelain veneers can mask all types of dental defects, including tooth discoloration, chipping, and alignment issues. According to Dr. Farzin Farokh of Eastside Elite Smiles on New York’s Upper East Side, veneers have much wider applications than most people realize.

Over the past decade, dental veneers have received a reputation as a cosmetic dental treatment reserved strictly for celebrities. Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have their dentists to thank for their perfect smiles. But Dr. Farokh says you don’t have to be a celebrity to be considered a good candidate for dental veneers on the Upper East Side.

At his practice on the Upper East Side, veneers are most commonly requested by patients who suffer from malalignment of the teeth, and tetracycline staining. Tetracycline staining is a type of irreversible tooth discoloration that can occur when patients are prescribed too much of the antibiotic Tetracycline while their jaws are still developing. The result is a grayish color on the teeth that can be difficult to remove through whitening treatments alone.

Once a patient and his dentist have determined that veneers are the best solution for masking whatever aesthetic dental defect they might be suffering from, Dr. Farokh says the next step in the process is to take photos and measurements of the teeth. At his practice on the Upper East Side, veneers patients are then presented with three dimensional wax mockups that show exactly how their mouths will look when their veneers are complete.

If a patient approves of the mockup that Dr. Farokh and his team have created, Dr. Farokh will then begin developing custom porcelain veneers. By working with one of the top laboratories in New York City, Dr. Farokh is able to ensure that all of his patients’ veneers turn out exactly as planned.

The one step of the dental veneer placement process that tends to cause the most anxiety among patients is the process of preparing the teeth. Dr. Farokh assures his patients that there is very minimal prep work required when placing dental veneers today. In most cases, removing just 1 to 1.5 millimeters from the patient’s teeth is all that is necessary. Once 1 millimeter of enamel has been removed, Dr. Farokh can successfully affix the porcelain veneers onto the teeth.

For more information on dental veneers on the Upper East Side, Dr. Farokh recommends contacting his office at Eastside Elite Smiles and scheduling a consultation appointment.

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