What Type of Pre-Planning is Necessary to Ensure a Good Dental Implant Restoration?

When it comes to ensuring the quality of a dental implant restoration, there is potentially nothing that is more important than pre-planning. According to Dr. James Fondriest of Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, dental implants need to be placed and engineered in a way that is going to ensure they are capable of taking the heaviest load possible.

One of the ways that top dentists like Dr. Fondriest are able to ensure the capabilities of dental implants is by pre-planning the placement process before the procedure begins.

In today’s marketplace, there are many dentists who claim they can place implants in as little as one day. In reality, however, Dr. Fondriest explains that dentists who work that quickly are usually skipping steps in the rush to get the work done. One of the major steps that often gets missed is the pre-planning stage. This step is critical when determining where an implant should go in.

As a prominent dentist and dental implants specialist in Lake Forest, IL, Dr. Fondriest explains that any dentist who pre-plans an implant placement will begin by doing a radiographic analysis. This radiographic analysis is done to look at the quantity and the quality of the jawbone.

When it comes to dental implants in Lake Forest, IL, Dr. Fondriest says that pre-planning is important because there are so many forces being put on newly placed implants. People grind their teeth, they chew tough foods, and they do many other activities that put pressure on implants. Implants take a very heavy load in the mouth, which is why patients want to make sure their dentists are engineering their implants so they are capable of taking these heavy loads.

Dentists who practice a lower quality of dentistry do not care if the implants they put in can sustain the amount of pressure and weight that is placed upon them each day. These sub-par dentists are simply trying to slap an implant in the mouth wherever it is convenient without taking into account where the implant should be placed.

To avoid working with one of these dentists, Dr. Fondriest recommends asking plenty of questions and doing due diligence when looking for a specialist who places dental implants in Lake Forest, IL. As one of the top dentists in the country, Dr. Fondriest recommends that people take their time and find the dentist that is right for them before committing to having any dental implants put in.

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