What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are a new and popular dental treatment for patients with missing teeth. The benefits are plentiful, and there is a very high rate of success, according to Dr. Todd Smith of Smith and Cole Dentistry in Braunfels, TX. Here he discusses what patients can expect during the process and who is a good candidate for this type of dental treatment.

Probably the biggest difference that dental implants provide is that they act like a real tooth. Dr. Smith likes to say,“ It’s like getting real, fake teeth,” because the implant itself helps retain bone and also fuses with the natural existing bone. This is a huge advantage over bridges or dentures because it is a fixed solution that enables routine hygiene and appears very natural against the patient’s nearby teeth.

Dr. Smith does warn patients not to buy into the assumption that implants can be finished in one visit. The commercials that sell this idea are referring usually to a temporary prosthesis. A final dental implant will inevitably need time to heal and fuse with a patient’s bone before placing the permanent crown. However, he does assert that most people will be candidates for dental implants in Braunfels, TX.

Mini implants can be an option for people who would typically wear dentures. These work for patients who have very little bone, but obviously still have a use for teeth and don’t like the slipping and ill fit of dentures alone. The mini implants act as an anchor to help keep the dentures in place.

The biggest misconception Dr. Smith wants to clear up is that regardless of the procedure you plan to undergo, dental visits and cleanings are crucial. To avoid losing a tooth in the first place you will want to visit the dentist regularly to avoid any level of gum disease. Dr. Smith says this is one of the most common diseases in America and it can be easily avoided and controlled with proper biannual cleanings. Gum disease is linked to many different illnesses including tooth loss and dental implants could be avoided for many Braufels, TX residents through proper hygiene and the expert care of a dentist.

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