What To Expect During Your First Veneer Appointment

People of all ages request dental veneers to fix all different types of perceived smile flaws. Using dental veneers, a Reseda, CA, dentist can change the color and shape of a person’s smile in just a matter of hours. This is why dental veneers have become the single most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment at Dr. Shawn Matian’s office, Bio Dental.

Dr. Matian offers a complimentary consultation appointment for people who are interested in learning more about veneers. Although veneers have a wide application, and they can benefit many different types of people, Dr. Matian cautions that they may not be the perfect solution for everyone.

During their initial consultation, Dr. Matian’s patients will generally express their concerns and desires or wishes. When patients are less than forthcoming about their wishes, the Reseda, CA, dental veneers expert will usually ask them directly what they want to change about their smiles. Based on this answer, Dr. Matian will decide whether dental veneers are the best way for the patient to accomplish those goals.

Sometimes a dentist will recommend dental veneers in Reseda, CA if appropriate.  In some cases, a more conservative type of cosmetic dentistry is usually in order. Some patients need nothing more than a little bonding on their teeth to satisfy their goal of having a prettier smile, while other patients may have alignment issues that are too severe to be taken care of with veneers alone. Some patients will need to wear braces for a period of months before getting dental veneers in Reseda, CA.

The first appointment is really about discovering what the patient wants and discussing what options are available. Fortunately,  Dr. Matian says there is normally more than one option available for people who want to straighten or whiten their smiles, and he typically prefers to choose the most conservative way to achieve the patient’s desired goals.

Depending on the case, an assistant from Bio Dental may take photographs of a patient’s teeth during the consultation as a way to remember what they looked like before treatment began. For patients who want something even more specific, Dr. Matian can create molds of the teeth. Those molds and photographs are sent to a laboratory, where they will be turned into wax model veneers. Wax veneers are an excellent way to show patients what is possible, and they provide a sort of blueprint that demonstrates how the final outcome should look.

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