What To Expect After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are never a dentist’s first plan of action. However, Dr. Jaime Osorio of Buckner Family Dental says an extraction may be necessary as a last resort scenario in instances where a patient is in extreme pain and his or her natural tooth cannot be saved.

As a general dentistry expert in Dallas who offers teeth whitening and more at his practice, Dr. Osorio explains that tooth extraction is most commonly needed to help patients who have pain as the result of a broken tooth. If a patient comes in for an exam and his mouth appears to be swollen, then Dr. Osorio says an extraction would not be his first recommendation. Instead, he would be likely to recommend a course of antibiotics, which the patient would take for a couple of days to bring the infection down.

Once the infection had been reduced through the use of antibiotics, then Dr. Osorio would be in a better position to assess whether an extraction needed to occur. The reduced infection makes it easier for the anesthetic to work to prevent discomfort during the extraction, as well, says the Dallas teeth whitening expert.

The more serious the infection the patient has, the less effective the anesthetic will be. That is one of the main reasons why Dr. Osorio recommends waiting until the infection has gone down before starting work on a tooth extraction. One of the biggest reasons why patients report feeling pain or discomfort at the dentist is because their dentist tried to do a procedure while they were experiencing a serious infection, as opposed to putting the patient on antibiotics and waiting until the infection had gone down before trying any potentially uncomfortable treatments.

Just because Dr. Osorio prefers to wait until the infection has gone down before actually extracting a broken tooth does not mean that he recommends patients should hold back on visiting the dentist’s office. On the contrary, the Dallas teeth whitening and general dentistry expert says it is important that patients come in while they are hurting. This gives the dentist the best opportunity to figure out exactly what is going on. Once this appropriate diagnosis has been made, then Dr. Osorio will send the patient home and advise him or her to return for the remainder of the treatment when the infection has gone down.

After a tooth has been removed, patients should expect to feel a day or two of discomfort. During those first few days after an extraction, Dr. Osorio recommends avoiding carbonated beverages, which can affect healing in the mouth. For more information, patients are advised to contact the Dallas teeth whitening expert for help.

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