What Services Can a General Dentist Provide?

General dentists provide all-in-one oral care for patients of all ages. According to Dr. Robert Petrtyl, a popular dentist in Cincinnati, Ohio, general dentists receive training in virtually every aspect of oral care, with the exception of orthodontics.

Specifically at his practice in Cincinnati, the dentist provides gum treatments, oral surgeries, extractions, and root canals, in addition to everyday oral care and comprehensive examinations. Dr. Petrtyl has also become well known for his cosmetic dentistry techniques, which patients can use to change the look and shape of their existing smiles.

Men and women who are unhappy with the way their teeth are shaped or the way their smiles have changed over time can come to Dr. Petrtyl’s office for partial dentures or dentures. As a former design engineer, Dr. Petrtyl is especially well known for designing partial dentures and bridge work with unique support structures. Although the Cincinnati dentist does not place implants themselves, he does do the necessary crowns or over-dentures that help hold implants in place within the mouth.

As far as approach is concerned, Dr. Petrtyl believes that the health of the mouth is going to make or break the success of any general dentistry treatment, and teeth without a solid foundation are never going to be totally secure. Whether a particular patient opts to get a denture, a partial denture, a crown, or bridge work, the fact remains that he is going to need to have his gums treated before any cosmetic work can take place. Dr. Petrtyl always recommends getting restorative work, which includes filling cavities and occasionally getting a crown, before moving on to more cosmetic options.

To come up with a great end result, the Cincinnati dentist says a dentist has to be very methodical. If a patient wants a partial denture, for example, then the dentist needs to make certain that any teeth the partial is being attached to are in excellent shape. Additionally, it is important that people with partials have proper gum support and healthy gums, and also that the crown of the tooth – which is the exposed part of the tooth – is strong enough to take the extra stress off the partial denture.

A man who’s always on the move, Dr. Petrtyl says one aspect that drew him to general dentistry was the variety it provided him as a practitioner. For the last 32 years, Dr. Petrtyl has helped patients with all phases of general dentistry, with the exception of braces or orthodontia.

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