What Role Does Translucency Play in the Look of a Veneer?

Teeth are naturally very translucent, however Dr. James Fondriest of Lake Forest Dental Arts explains that some types of porcelain materials have almost zero translucency. This presents a problem to dentists who offer dental veneers in Lake Forest, IL, since most patients want to keep their smiles looking as beautiful and natural as possible after they have gotten dental veneers put on.

For a prominent cosmetic dentist like Dr. Fondriest, the solution to this problem is to use a very high-end porcelain rather than a lower-grade material. Only higher-end porcelain materials give people the same optical characteristics of natural teeth, which is why Dr. Fondriest refuses to use anything other than the best at his office in Lake Forest.

Over the years, Dr. Fondriest has developed a reputation as a cosmetic dentist who offers completely natural looking restorations. Because of that, his services are highly sought after by people who want to have their teeth contoured and repaired without looking like they have been “done.” One of the keys to achieving an effortlessly perfect smile is to use the highest quality porcelains available for dental veneers in Lake Forest, IL. This is necessary in order to achieve the same level of translucency as people have in their natural teeth.

For people who live elsewhere in the country, it can be a challenge to find a dentist who uses only the best materials when placing dental veneers. In Lake Forest, IL, Dr. Fondriest says that his recommendation is that patients ask their dentists for high-resolution photographs of work they have done in the past.

The upper third of all cosmetic dentists take high-resolution, high-detail photographs of their patients before and after their restorative procedures. These photographs are critical for any person who is attempting to gauge the quality of work that a cosmetic dentist can provide. Dr. Fondriest recommends that patients avoid working with dentists who are reluctant or hesitant to show photographs of the work they have done, since this is a clear indication that a dentist has not done very much high-quality restorative work in the past.

Additionally, Dr. Fondriest emphasizes that patients who have had their restorative work done by poorly trained dentists in the past do not have to suffer with smiles that look overly “done.” Instead, he recommends that people in these situations visit his office in Lake Forest, IL, for new dental veneers.

One of Dr. Fondriest’s specialties is re-do dentistry. He has worked with countless patients who were unhappy with work from dentists in the past. In just a few short visits, Dr. Fondriest can make adjustments the work and create beautiful smiles that look completely natural and translucent.

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