What Leads People to Switch From Dentures to Implants?

Dentures have seemingly been around forever, and many people who have dentures now don’t remember what their mouths felt like before they started wearing them.  According to Dr. Shawn Matian of Bio Dental, it is very common for people who have worn dentures for a decade or longer to not remember what it was like to have a secure set of teeth. For these people, especially, dental implants can be a dream come true.

The Reseda, CA, the dental implants dentist explains that implants are an excellent option for patients who have been wearing dentures. Whether a person has been wearing dentures for five years or 20 years, and whether that person is 30 years old or 60 years old, dental implants remain a possible option for restoring functionality and security.

In addition to traditional dental implants in Reseda, CA, Dr. Matian also offers mini implants. Mini implants are used to secure dentures solidly inside the mouth. With these mini implants, a general dentist or oral surgeon can perform a quick placement procedure where the patient will feel little to no discomfort.

Once the mini implants have been placed, Dr. Matian can then go in and hook the dentures into the implants themselves. This makes the dentures completely secure, especially along the lower jaw. Patients who have worn dentures without implants will be shocked at how much security they gain during this process. Although upper dentures typically have good suction along the roof of the mouth, it can be difficult to keep unattached lower dentures in place because of the tongue. The tongue has muscles that are attached to it, explains Dr. Matian, and those muscles move around quite a bit. That movement tends to dislodge the lower denture for people whose devices are not secured with dental implants in Reseda, CA.

The Reseda, CA, dental implants expert goes on to explain that most people are encouraged to switch from dentures to implants or mini implant retained dentures because of the security and functionality they will gain by doing so. Patients who want their lower dentures to stop moving around and popping out of their mouths are generally the most eager to try these newer options.

Good candidates for regular dental implants and mini implants would be adults who are in good health. Generally speaking, Dr. Matian says patients who have serious systemic diseases should get those diseases under control before having dental implants placed. If a patient comes into Dr. Matian’s office with a serious problem like uncontrolled diabetes or extremely high blood pressure, then the dentist may send him or her to a physician to be looked at before continuing with any dental treatments.

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