What Is the Six Month Smile?

At Family First Dental and Orthodontics Center in Leesburg, VA, a Six Month Smile is a type of rapid, high-speed, short-term orthodontics program for patients who want their teeth to look as straight as possible in very little time. According to Dr. Ron Buro, the Six Month Smile is an excellent option for people who need drastic results before a major life event, such as weddings or high school reunions.

At. Dr. Buro’s office in Leesburg, VA, the Six Month Smile program is considered a part of the cosmetic dentistry practice rather than the orthodontic practice. Dr. Buro says he prefers it this way because the Six Month Smile is all about cosmetics, whereas traditional metal braces and orthodontia are about improving the alignment of the teeth and the jaw.

What makes a Six Month Smile different from regular braces is that the program Dr. Buro offers focuses solely on the upper and lower front teeth. These front teeth tend to have smaller roots than larger molars, which makes it easier to re-align them cosmetically in a very short period of time.

Dr. Buro emphasizes that the Six Month Smile in Leesburg, VA, is not for everyone. People who need major changes to their bites, their molars, or their bicuspids would be better suited with a more comprehensive orthodontic plan. However, people who want their teeth moved very quickly and very aesthetically almost universally praise the Six Month Smile system.

The braces that Dr. Buro recommends to his patients in the Six Month Smile program are virtually unnoticeable. Using a type of tooth colored bracket and a tooth colored wire, Dr. Buro is able to quickly and efficiently move his patients’ teeth into the proper position. The tooth colored wires that Dr. Buro uses are not as invisible as Invisalign’s clear aligners, but they work much more quickly.

Most patients are told they can have straight teeth by the time they come back for their next hygiene visits, and Dr. Buro emphasizes that the program really does work in just four to six months.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be considered a candidate for the Six Month Smile in Leesburg, VA. Patients have to be at least 17 or 18 years old, depending on their dental age. Dr. Buro does not offer this program to children or younger teens because their faces are still in the process of growing. Additionally, patients need to be free of any cavities or decay in their mouths before their braces go on. Patients who need more serious corrections to their alignment, including those who need serious bite corrections, may not be considered excellent candidates for the Six Month Smile.

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