What Is the Most Common Cause of Jaw Pain?

TMJ can be caused by a number of external and internal factors, which is why Dr. Jeffrey Buxton of Buxton Dentistry says proper diagnosis of this condition is incredibly important. An expert in the management of jaw pain in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. Buxton explains that temporomandibular joint disorder is an incredibly painful condition.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy for dentists to pinpoint the cause of each patient’s TMJ. As a dentist who specializes in the management of jaw pain in Salt Lake City, Dr. Buxton says people are often surprised to learn that jaw pain can actually be caused by dental work.

Certain types of restorations can cause the bite to wear down at a different rate. A patient’s natural teeth may wear at one rate, while his teeth with fillings and crowns wear at a different rate. Gold, porcelain, metal, and ceramic all wear at different rates, which can lead to an imbalance in the mouth. This imbalance of dentition causes the muscles in one side of the face or area of the jaw to work harder than the muscles elsewhere in the face, which leads to a muscular imbalance.

As a dentist who specializes in jaw pain in Salt Lake City, Dr. Buxton explains that imbalances in the muscles of the face can cause people’s joints to begin to hurt. The joints in the jaw open and close based on where the teeth are, and they have to stop at the point where the teeth come together. If the teeth do not come together at the appropriate point, then Dr. Buxton says that is when people will begin to have TMJ problems.

These issues can also be caused by orthodontic braces or trauma to the face, usually due to whiplash during a car accident. Dr. Buxton says these types of injuries can cause people’s joints to go out of the place, and if these conditions are never repaired, then TMJ will occur. TMJ is a problem that can plague a person for a very long time – at least until he or she decides to visit a dentist who specializes in jaw pain to have the issue fixed.

For more information on the appropriate treatment and diagnosis of jaw pain in Salt Lake City, Dr. Buxton recommends that people who believe they may be suffering from TMJ get in contact with his office and schedule consultation appointments.

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