What is SomnoMed MAS System?

If you have ever experienced sleep apnea problems, Dr. Steven Kacel might be able to help. A certified dentist with a cosmetic dentistry practice in Northbrook, Illinois, Kacel completed his undergraduate training at the University of Illinois and earned his D.D.S. from Northwestern University in 1980.

If someone comes into my office asking about the SomnoMed MAS system, then basically what he is asking for is a way to cure his sleep apnea, because that is was the SomnoMed MAS really can do.

Sleep apnea is a disease that affects both male and female patients, many of whom are usually overweight. What happens is that sleep apnea can cause these people to actually stop breathing periodically while they are sleeping. In a nutshell, what’s happening with sleep apnea is that the back of their throat — which is sort of elastic — actually collapses, making it impossible for any air to get down their throat. So these people actually stop breathing, and then they end up waking themselves up.

On a singular basis, that’s one thing. But what happens with sleep apnea is that this occurs over and over, night after night. And if a person has enough of these episodes per night, then he could actually start to develop sleep deprivation. And, in the worst-case scenario, the person could actually die.

So SomnoMed MAS is the name of an appliance — it is actually the name of both the manufacturer and appliance itself — that someone would wear if he has sleep apnea. The device helps maintain the opening of the back of a person’s throat so that he can breathe through the night.

If there are less interruptions while you are sleeping and you have deeper and longer periods of REM sleep, then you sleep better and deeper. And you will end up being brighter and cheerier and healthier when you wake up in the morning.

Unlike things like the CPAP, which physicians sometimes prescribe for sleep apnea, the SomnoMed MAS is not technically a machine. Instead, the SomnoMed MAS is actually sort of like two fancy retainers that are hooked together. They pull the lower jaw forward, and when the lower jaw is pulled forward, that in essence maintains an open throat — the trachea — that makes it easier to breathe.

Unfortunately, most physicians who treat sleep apnea are not yet aware that there is a dental device that can help people with mild to moderate sleep apnea. Or, if they are aware, they just don’t want to trust the device, or whatever the case may be.

A lot of times, the physicians don’t know what the dentists are doing in their practices. I know this, because I happen to be on staff at some hospitals and I have had the opportunity to talk to the physicians working in the sleep labs. In doing this, I have been able to show them these devices such as the SomnoMed MAS, and educate them a little bit as to what a dentist can do to help sufferers with sleep apnea. And from the patient’s point of view, the devices that we offer are much more pleasant and comfortable than some of the treatments that physicians are recommending.

Things like the CPAP machine — that is the machine with an air pump that patients put on their nose — just work by forcing the air down people’s throats whether they like it or not. So things like the CPAP machine are not pleasant, and that is one reason why devices like the SomnoMed MAS are such a good alternative option.

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