What Is Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

Periodontal plastic surgery refers to the aesthetic modification of the gums, explains Dr. Alan M. Levine, DDS. Speaking from his dentist office in Chevy Chase, MD, Dr. Levine says that periodontal plastic surgery is increasing in popularity due in large part to how quickly and effortlessly dentists are now able to make changes to their patients’ smiles.

When a patient comes into Dr. Levine’s dentist office in Chevy Chase, MD seeking periodontal plastic surgery, what he is usually asking for is some type of adjustments to be made to his gums. Periodontal plastic surgery, or aesthetic modification of the gums, typically involves some type of gum tissue grafting. The difference between traditional gum tissue grafting and periodontal plastic surgery is that periodontal plastic surgery is done for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons, versus medical or health reasons.

If a person has gum recession, which means that his gums are receding away from the teeth, then Dr. Levine says those gums can be re-grown or regenerated with the help of a few of the gum grafting techniques available in his Chevy Chase, MD, dentist office.

A typical example of a patient who might walk into Dr. Levine’s Chevy Chase, MD, dentist office asking for periodontal plastic surgery would be someone who had a lot of gum recession along his upper front teeth. As a result of this recession, this person’s teeth might feel extra sensitive. This sensitivity is being caused because the recession exposing some of the root. In other cases, the patient’s main problem might just be that the gum recession is causing his smile to look unsightly and his teeth to look too large.

In most cases, a dentist like Dr. Levine can bring the gum tissue back down to where it was before the recession occurred using a variety of techniques. These techniques are used to make the smile look better and to help the teeth become less sensitive. Additionally, periodontal plastic surgery can be used to recreate the structure or the support around the tooth.

Any time a person loses gums or bones, he loses support for his teeth. Gum recession can cause bones to dissolve, and that can cause the teeth to become somewhat loose. If a dentist can help a patient regenerate that bone, then he can help build back the support structure that was lost. At its core, Dr. Levine says that periodontal plastic surgery involves using gum grafting techniques to regenerate soft tissue in the mouth.

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