What Is Involved In Sports Dentistry?

The field of sports dentistry is still a relatively new offshoot of preventative dentistry, however that does not make it any less important than other dental fields.

According to Dr. Zarina Staller DMD, a dentist in Delray Beach who offers veneers and other cosmetic dentistry solutions, the field of sports dentistry is quickly growing as more people discover how necessary it is for athletes of all skill levels to wear the appropriate appliances while competing.

When most people think of sports dentistry in Delray Beach, they think of football players who need veneers after coming into contact with other players on the field. Other sports that are commonly linked to sports dentistry are hockey, soccer, and basketball.

Dr. Staller says that people of all ages who play full contact sports need to get in touch with a dentist to find out about having a custom mouth guard made for them. Mouth guards can save people’s teeth and help provide a sense of security while out on the field or court. Mouth guards are necessary for athletes at all ages and skill levels, and Dr. Staller says they are just as important for youth athletes playing contact sports as they are for professional athletes.

What most people do not realize about sports dentistry is that it applies to people who play non-contact sports, as well. Adults who lift weights and exercise vigorously frequently clench or grind their teeth. This can damage teeth and cause fractures or chips that can be very painful and difficult to repair with veneers.

Mouth guards also help prevent people from breaking their jaws when they collide with other players, as well. This is especially important for football players because football is such a rough sport. If people do not protect their mouths, then they are going to get concussions and possibly break their jaws.

Custom mouth guards work in a similar way to seat belts. They serve as a brace during times of impact and they can be used to avoid anticipated problems and injuries.

The best way to prevent dental fractures and chips from occurring is to have a custom mouth guard made and to wear it at all times when participating in sports. Dr. Staller says it is always better for athletes to keep their own natural teeth than it is for them to knock out their teeth and end up needing implants or veneers as a replacement. In Delray Beach, she recommends custom mouth guards for almost all of her patients who participate in physical activities on a regular basis.

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