What Is a Smile Evaluation?

For an Atlanta dentist, being a good communicator is one of the most important traits to possess. The reason for this, as Dr. Wayne G. Suway explains, is because patients want to feel like their dentists and other medical practitioners are hearing them.

Being able to listen well and communicate with patients is one of the reasons why Dr. Suway has become such a sought-after Atlanta dentist, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

Rather than getting started immediately with new cosmetic dentistry patients, Dr. Suway prefers taking the extra time to perform smile evaluations. These complimentary evaluations serve as a time when Dr. Suway can listen to patients and find out what they want their smiles to look like and exactly what they would like to change about their teeth.

During a smile evaluation, Dr. Suway will usually sit down with the patient and discuss everything that he or she does and does not like. No issue is too minor to bring up, and he welcomes any input the patient has on what he or she would like to change – as well as what features should remain the same.

Dr. Suway has been a dentist for long enough to know that the issues that patients have with their teeth are rarely the same issues that dentists notice, which is why it is so important for an Atlanta dentist to take the time to sit down with new patients before getting to work and starting any cosmetic treatments. The end result should be what the patient wants, not just what the dentist wants.

Once Dr. Suway has listened to the patient’s concerns, he will evaluate the teeth to determine whether there are any treatments available that can give the patient the results he or she is looking for. As a dentist in Atlanta, Dr. Suway says the three most popular cosmetic treatment options at the current time are veneers, whitening, and bonding.

Over the years, Dr. Suway has become known as an Atlanta dentist who really listens to his patients and works with them when coming up with treatment plans. Because of this, he sees a number of people who are looking to repair work that was done by other dentists.

He recently worked with a patient who was unhappy with the dentures her previous dentist had made for her. When she brought these issues to the previous dentist’s attention, he was unwilling or unable to make the changes she desired. The woman came to Dr. Suway for help after reading about his cosmetic skills online. By listening closely to what it was she wanted to see changed, Dr. Suway was able to work with his laboratory to create a new set of dentures that she loved.

To find out what Dr. Suway can do for you, contact his office to schedule complimentary smile evaluation today.

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