What Does It Mean to Have a Post and Core Restoration?

In situations where a portion of a patient’s tooth is missing or broken, a post and core restoration is the most common procedure used to fix the problem, according to Columbia Family Dental‘s Dr. Mike Rostami. A general dentist in Columbia, MD, Dr. Rostami says that there are two main types of post and core restorations: cast and prefabricated.

With that in mind, Dr. Rostami prefers to try a cast post and core restoration whenever he encounters a patient with a tooth that is broken below the gum line. This type of dental problem is different from when a patient is simply missing a tooth, since a patient in this type of situation still has a portion of the original tooth sitting untouched inside the gums. Whether that broken tooth was the result of a traumatic incident or simply because of decay, Dr. Rostami says hat a post and core restoration remains the most common remedy to try.

When a patient comes into Dr. Rostami’s office needing a cast post and core restoration, he will begin the process by taking an impression of the inside of the broken tooth. That broken tooth will then get a root canal, and another impression will be done inside the canal. All of these impressions will then be sent to a dental lab, where a lab technician will get to work making the actual cast post and core that will eventually go inside the patient’s mouth.

In most cases, a cast that is used in a post and core restoration will be made with a type of gold that has a high noble content. This gold will then be placed inside the tooth, essentially creating the foundation for the crown to go on top of.

In addition to regular post and core restorations, which are the type done with a cast, another option that exists for patients is a prefabricated post and core treatment. Dr. Rostami says that a prefabricated post is essentially just a pin that looks like a very thick sewing needle. This pin goes into the root canal tooth and is cemented into place. It will then be used to hold the filling in place. Essentially, Dr. Rostami says that a prefabricated post works as the foundation for a filling going inside a person’s tooth.

Dr. Rostami says that a dentist would usually consider any patient with a broken off tooth to be a good candidate for a post and core restoration. Specifically, patients who have had one or more front teeth broken off due to blunt force trauma tend to be great candidates for this type of restoration procedure. On the other hand, Dr. Rostami says that patients who have a history of tooth fractures due to their nighttime grinding habits probably would not be considered good candidates for post and core restorations.

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