What Do Oral Surgeons Really Do?

An oral surgeon is best described as a dentist who has had a lot of medical training, explains Dr. Max G. Neill DDS, PC. A prominent oral surgeon in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Neill specializes in maxillofacial surgery, wisdom teeth extractions, and dental implant placements.

Oral surgeons function similarly to orthopedic surgeons, says Dr. Neill. In fact, they’re often known as orthopedic surgeons of the facial bones. The term maxillofacial refers to the upper jaw and face, specifically having to do with surgery of the maxilla. Thus, an oral maxillofacial surgeon does specialized surgeries on the bones in people’s faces.

In order to become an oral surgeon in Fort Worth, Dr. Neill had to go through four to six years of extra training beyond dental school. Upon completing dental school, he completed rigorous medical training in a hospital setting. All oral surgeons are required to obtain a dental degree before starting residency training. During this training, Dr. Neill was able to learn specialized skills related to making patients comfortable during dental treatments and administering certain types of anesthesia.

At his office in Fort Worth, the oral surgeon says it is quite common and safe for patients to undergo general anesthesia and IV sedation when undergoing various oral procedures. The anesthesia that Dr. Neill offers in his office is completely safe, thanks to both his level of education and the skill of the dental professionals he works with.

Oral surgeons are the experts in the removal of difficult teeth, and most people think of them as the people who remove wisdom teeth. Interestingly, however, Dr. Neill says an oral surgeon in Fort Worth actually does much more than just remove wisdom teeth. Dr. Neill and his colleagues repair broken jaws, fractured mid-face bones, and handle any other orthopedic surgeries involving the face.  An oral surgeon in Fort Worth, Texas, is the expert when it comes to putting in dental implants, as well as treating certain types of tumors and cysts of the jaw. Dr. Neill also treats salivary gland problems, along with facial deformities.

Oral surgeons are trained in correcting a wide spectrum of injuries, birth defects, and diseases involving the head, jaw, and neck. As such, Dr. Neill is a sought-after professional among patients in the Fort Worth area. To learn more about Dr. Neill’s practice, or to schedule an appointment with the oral surgeon, he recommends contacting his office directly.

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