What Could It Mean If My Gums Appear Bright Red or Purple?

Gums that appear bright red or purple are often a sign of infection, says Dr. Peter Do, DDS. A leading periodontist in Escondido, California, Dr. Do says that gums should always be pink and pain-free. Gums that are sensitive to the touch and gums that appear dark in color should be checked out by a professional dentist or periodontist in Escondido.

Although some people will notice the point at which their gums start to change color, Dr. Do says that most people will wait to seek dental help until their conditions have progressed. In many cases, the Escondido periodontist says patients will not visit his office until they are already noticing blood on their sinks when they brush and floss their teeth. By the time red blood is apparent, the gum disease or gingivitis is already quite serious.

Patients who suffer from gum disease can expect that they are going to need to get a deep cleaning before a dentist can do much more to help them with their current situations. These deep cleanings are necessary in order to remove the bacteria and build up that is truly the source of the infection. By getting to the source and cutting out the problem right at the root, the dentist or periodontist in Escondido can prevent this condition from festering any further.

Dr. Do says it is also important for patients to tend to their red or purple gums immediately to prevent heart disease and related systemic conditions. Gum disease is associated with an incredibly dangerous type of bacterial infection, and Dr. Do says it is not unheard of for this bacteria to spread to other areas around the body. If this bacteria spreads to the heart, then the patient could be at an increased risk for heart disease down the line.

Ideally, patients should never let their gum health deteriorate to the point where deep red gums or bleeding gums have become a problem. By coming in to visit their dentists on a regular basis, patients can prevent instances of gum disease or gingivitis from getting to this point. Nonetheless, once that stage has passed Dr. Do says patients should still feel comfortable visiting their dentists to get checked out. The earlier a person comes in for treatment, the better off that person is most likely going to be and the better chance he or she has of saving all the teeth in his mouth.

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