What Causes TMJ Migraine Headaches?

The tricky part about diagnosing TMJ headaches is that, in many cases, they do not feel any differently than the tension headaches people get when they are tired, stressed or anxious. According to Dr. Jeffrey Buxton of Buxton Dentistry in Salt Lake City, TMJ dentistry specialists have their work cut out for them when it comes to properly diagnosing people who suffer from headaches related to TMJ.

If a patient suffers from headaches that are related to his or her TMJ problem, the headaches will most likely be described as “run-of-the-mill” at first. Over time, however, the headaches will usually get increasingly more severe. Dr. Buxton says headaches that are caused by TMJ usually turn into migraines after a period of hours or days have gone by.

Interestingly, the Salt Lake City TMJ dentistry specialist says approximately 80% of the headaches that adults typically suffer from are in regard to tension. These are often related to TMJ, because the only way to create tension within the muscles inside the head is by biting down in the mouth. Tension is created when people bite down and touch their teeth together, explains Dr. Buxton. If people kept their mouths open and tried to cause the muscles in their heads to contract, they simple would not be able to do it.

Many of the tension headaches that Dr. Buxton comes across as a Salt Lake City TMJ dentistry specialist are caused by patients either clenching their teeth or grinding their teeth without realizing it. Dr. Buxton says that anyone who has unexplained tensions headaches should visit his or her dentist for a TMJ evaluation right away. People who clench and grind their teeth are causing the muscles in their heads to be overworked, and eventually those overworked muscles will lead to migraine headaches. Dr. Buxton says it is not a matter of if those headaches will occur, it is a matter of when those headaches will occur.

Most people would prefer to find a remedy for these TMJ issues before they develop into full-blown headaches and migraines. It is much easier to repair a TMJ problem while it is still in its earliest stages, versus waiting a period of years and then trying to stop a person from clenching and grinding his teeth each night.

For more information on the proper diagnosis of TMJ and the treatments that are available for people who suffer from TMJ migraine headaches, Dr. Buxton recommends contacting his TMJ dentistry practice in Salt Lake City and setting up a consultation appointment.

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