What Causes a Tooth Abscess?

A tooth abscess can be caused by a number of factors; however, Dr. Bill Keyes of Walk-In Dental, an emergency dentist in Melbourne, FL, says that what patients care about most is the pain that these abscesses can cause.

To help explains the basics of tooth abscesses and what causes this painful condition, Dr. Keyes starts by telling us about the anatomy of the tooth. Inside the center of the tooth is the pulp chamber, along with the vein artery and the nerve of the tooth that run into this chamber. This chamber serves as the “living” portion of the tooth, and it is the spot where all the pain sensors are located. When deep fillings or cracked teeth come into contact with the tooth’s pulp chamber, that sets off the nerve sensor and the patient experiences pain as a result.

Deep fillings and cracked teeth can cause the portion of the tooth nerve that runs into the pulp chamber to start to die. When this process begins, an infection usually sets in and comes out the root tip. Not only does this create a little infection, but it can actually track to the outside of the gums to produce something called a fistula.  Having an abscessed tooth, or being diagnosed with this condition by an emergency dentist in Melbourne, FL, typically means that the nerve or the pulp chamber of the tooth has gotten infected.

If this tooth infection is caught quickly enough, then an emergency dentist in Melbourne, FL, can often do a root canal to save the abscessed tooth. The key to catching these infections while they are still small and young, however, is to make sure to come in for regular visits with the emergency dentist in Melbourne, FL. By visiting the dentist frequently, patients can help catch decay before it gets deep enough to get into the pulp chamber. Ideally, the decay will be caught so early that a composite filling can remedy the problem on its own.

If the decay is allowed to spread and the infection becomes too large, then the pulp chamber will be impacted and an abscess will form. This abscess will have to be treated with root canal therapy. If not, then the only other option is extraction. Tooth abscesses are preventable if men and women visit their dentists on a regular basis, and Dr. Keyes explains that this is the main reason he believes it is so important for people to keep up with their semi-annual check-ups and exams.

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