What Are the Most Popular Corrective Dental Procedures?

Corrective dentistry is one of the fastest growing areas of dentistry, thanks in large part to recent advancements within the field. According to Dr. Vijeyta Bhatia of Signature Dental Experience in Bloomington, a dentist who offers corrective dental procedures can significantly improve the look of her patient’s smiles in as little as one visit.

At her practice in Bloomington, the dentist explains that the most popular corrective dental procedures requested by patients are veneers, which are used for corrective smile alignments, and fillings, which are utilized during the removal of decay.

When it comes to fillings, specifically, Dr. Bhatia believes that fillings should always look aesthetic. In this day and age, there is no reason for a patient to have a filling that does not look natural in his or her mouth. Composite materials deliver a very natural look with a very predictable level of success.

At her practice in Bloomington, the dentist says that patients with decay can get inlays/onlays and fillings that resemble their own natural smiles. Dr. Bhatia has been offering these treatments for years, and looking at the data she believes most patients favor the treatment that is most aesthetically pleasing.

The way that a patient opts to repair decay will be based on budget, aesthetics, and the amount of decay. Whether a patient is looking for something that is more aesthetically pleasing or something that is more financially practical, Dr. Bhatia will work with the person to weigh the pros and cons of any available options. When it comes to corrective dentistry, she says there is something for everyone.

As a leading dental provider, Dr. Bhatia believes it is her job to educate patients and let them make the final decisions about their health. Dr. Bhatia’s responsibility is to be an educated provider who understands her patients’ needs. She is known for taking time to explain the benefits and drawbacks of all the available options when guiding patients forward in an effort to maintain their oral health.

Although individualized care is always important in the world of dentistry, Dr. Bhatia says that it is especially imperative that a dentist in Bloomington offers individualized care to patients undergoing corrective dental procedures. Every patient is different, explains Dr. Bhatia. Some patients may walk in with perfect teeth but horrible gums, either caused by a lack of hygiene or genetic history. Whatever the issue may be, it is important for the dentist to look closely at the person’s individual needs rather than painting all patients with a broad stroke.

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