What Are the Best Dentures Made From?

Dentures are an incredibly important dental appliance, which is why Houston dentures expert Dr. Mark Kotlarek of Roman Dental says people shouldn’t trust just anyone when getting new dentures made. On the contrary, Dr. Kotlarek says men and women getting dentures need to realize that there are differing qualities of laboratory work that can effect the final result.

Dentures also come in different qualities based on the materials being used. Denture bases can be made from metal, acrylic, nylon, or fiber. Meanwhile, the teeth themselves are usually made from porcelain, acrylic, or a cross-linked acrylic. Dr. Kotlarek says denture teeth come in different shades, and they are generally set in wax for the patient to view before the final product is made.

In some cases, professionals claiming to make dentures are not licensed dentists. Dr. Kotlarek explains that these people are called denturists, and they should be avoided by anyone hoping for top-quality dental appliances. In many cases, Dr. Kotlarek says denturists make very cheap dentures that are not customized based on the patient’s mouth and personal needs.

The Houston dentures expert recommends that all patients make sure they are getting custom fittings before their dentures are made. During these fittings, patients should be able to select the shape of their teeth, as well as the color or shade.

Getting a top quality denture is more important than most people realize, because it’s not just about the aesthetic look. The acrylic that supports the teeth in a denture also supports the patient’s lips and cheeks. Dr. Kotlarek says this acrylic can be modified, not only to help the patient chew better but also to improve the cosmetic look. Men and women pay thousands of dollars to have plastic surgeons add fillers to their cheeks, usually without realizing that they could achieve a similar effect by getting a well-fitted set of dentures.

The dentures that Houston dentist Dr. Kotlarek provides at his office offer muscle support in the face, which helps patients look and feel fabulous. Dentures can be made to look beautiful; they don’t have to look artificial or fake. If a person thinks that all dentures have to look unnatural, then he hasn’t seen some of the devices that top dentists like Houston dentures expert Dr. Kotlarek are offering today.

Dentures offer dentists more flexibility, in terms of perfecting the aesthetics, than nearly any other dental procedure or device, which helps explain why Dr. Kotlarek derives so much satisfaction by helping denture patients. For more information on getting the best possible dentures, Dr. Kotlarek recommends contacting his office and setting up an in-person consultation.

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