What Are the Benefits of Using Dental Lasers?

Dental lasers are the wave of the future, since they reduce bleeding and swelling, help patients avoid the stress of drills and needles, and lead to reduced downtimes after major procedures. According to Needham, MA, dentist Dr. Kendrick Brede of Needham Laser Dentistry, dental lasers can be used for hard or soft tissue preparation.

As far as hard tissue preparation is concerned, Dr. Brede explains that the dental laser from Biolase allows him to do filling prep work without anesthesia. Of course, this is not always the case. The Needham, MD, dentist usually can’t take out metal or treat every patient with the hard tissue laser, however he can help a good percentage of the people who come into his office. Dr. Brede says hard tissue lasers are ideal for doing conservative fillings and working with knowledgeable patients. In these instances, he can treat filling cases with no Novocain whatsoever, which is an appealing aspect of laser dentistry for many people.

At his office in Needham, MA, the dentist also uses lasers to treat soft tissues. Dr. Brede says soft tissue lasers are ideal for periodontal therapy and biopsy work, as well as crown lengthening surgery. Most people don’t realize that lasers can be used for gingivectomy procedures, root canal cleanings, and implant recovery, as well.

The benefit to performing these dental procedures with a laser, versus a scalpel, is that the Needham, MA, dentist can get more work done in fewer visits. This is especially true when it comes to crown and bridge procedures. Dr. Brede can do gingival work at the same time he does the crown preparation, which decreases the time patients spend healing and recovering at home.

Dr. Brede is known for treating patients in the baby boomer generation, many of whom need crown work done on their teeth. Back before laser dentistry was developed, these patients may have had to spend months recovering from corrective periodontal and soft tissue procedures done with scalpel blades and sutures. Now, because of lasers, Dr. Brede can significantly cut down on the time it takes a patient to heal.

Laser dentistry makes it possible for Dr. Brede to do minimally invasive work that involves less post-operative pain and faster healing times for patients. These techniques make Dr. Brede’s patients’ lives easier, which makes him happy in return. For more information on the benefits of laser dentistry, Dr. Brede recommends contacting his office directly.

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