What Are the Benefits Of Minimally Invasive Dentistry?

Minimally invasive dentistry is a conservative form of dentistry that many patients and doctors are talking about right now. According to Dr. Kendrick Brede of Needham Laser Dentistry, an emergency dentistry expert in Needham, MA, the term minimally invasive dentistry has become a catchphrase in the industry over the course of the past few years.

Dentists who practice minimally invasive dentistry aim to make as few cuts or incisions as possible when treating their patients. These Needham, MA, emergency dentistry professionals aim to cause no pain or discomfort when they treat patients with all types of oral conditions. Even more importantly, they don’t want patients to still be thinking about their appointments weeks later because of the sensations they felt.

Laser dentistry has significantly cut down on the discomfort and downtime that was traditionally associated with most dental procedures, especially at Needham, MA, emergency dentistry practices like Needham Laser Dentistry. Although lasers are never going to eliminate the dental drill completely, they do have their niche among patients who want their dentistry to be as conservative and minimally invasive as possible.

At his practice in Needham, MA, the emergency dentistry expert uses hard and soft tissue lasers two or three times each day. Despite the popularity of dental lasers, Dr. Brede says they’re currently only being used in two to five percent of all dental practices in the U.S. Soft tissue lasers have come down in price in recent years, which has spurred demand to some degree, and Dr. Brede says periodontal offices and gum-specialty offices, in particular, are beginning to pick up on this trend.

So what makes laser dentistry so minimally invasive? As Dr. Brede explains, a dentist who cuts into the gums with a scalpel creates a zone of inflammation that is deeper than the blade itself cuts. This is an unavoidable part of traditional dentistry. With laser dentistry, however, Dr. Brede is able to terminate the inflammation at the level of the tissue injury. Lasers work by actually tricking the body, to a degree, so it doesn’t know that it has been injured. Lasers seal off the nerves and the blood vessels, and as a result wounds created with dental lasers actually heal much faster and with less pain.

Pain free, minimally invasive dentistry has become the Holy Grail for dentists today, and Dr. Brede believes he has found the solution by introducing laser dentistry at his practice in Needham. For more information, he encourages patients to contact his office and schedule their own consultation appointments.

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