Using Veneers to Cover Permanently Stained Teeth

Dental veneers are a fantastic way to enhance the smile of nearly any patient. According to Dr. Kevin Dickinson, DDS, a leading dentist offering veneers in Savannah, the expertise and experience of the professional placing dental veneers can have a major impact on the overall result.

As one of the top specialists offering veneers in Savannah, Dr. Dickinson tells us that he has placed veneers on patients with all types of dental concerns. He recommends this aesthetic treatment most frequently to people who have staining or color issues with their teeth that cannot be fixed by professional whitening treatments alone. A number of childhood conditions can cause discoloration on the teeth that will not disappear with age, and in these cases dental veneers are the single best solution.

Along with discoloration and staining issues, Dr. Dickinson says veneers in Savannah are also a great solution for people who do not like the size or shape of their teeth. Some people with very short, stumpy teeth wish they had larger smiles. Having small, short teeth can cause people to look younger than they really are, which is a hindrance for people trying to command respect in certain professions. For these people, and many others, dental veneers can mask perceived dental flaws and lead to higher self-confidence.

Dr. Dickinson says that dental veneers can be placed relatively quickly, and the process itself is much easier than most people realize. In the majority of cases, people can go from zero to 100 percent complete in just a few short weeks. The process of having dental veneers placed starts with the dentist making a provisional appliance that the patient can preview. This provision appliance is very similar to what the permanent appliance will look like, and it gives the patient a chance to ask for certain changes or adjustments before anything is locked into place.

Once a provisional appliance has been approved, then Dr. Dickinson says the next step is to have a laboratory create the permanent veneers and cement them into place. Dental veneers are extremely durable and extremely strong, and Dr. Dickinson says people who wear them can go about their lives without worrying about cracking or breaking.

At his practice in Savannah, the veneers expert says the oldest patient he has put dental veneers on was 86. The youngest patient to get dental veneers was eight. Obviously the veneers Dr. Dickinson put on an eight-year-old were not for cosmetic purposes, but because the child had broken a front tooth and needed some help getting her teeth back in order. Dental veneers are a much more conservative option than the only other alternative, which would have been a crown.

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