Using Invisalign to Treat Patients with TMJ

Men and women who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder are frequently in a great amount of pain, and a specialist is often needed to assist in these types of complex cases. Thankfully, Dr. Earl Broker of Voorhees Orthodontic Associates is a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) specialist who frequently treats adult patients suffering from this complicated condition.

As the director of temporomandibular joint disorders at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Dr. Broker is frequently called upon to help men and women with TMJ, in addition to treating people needing traditional orthodontia and Invisalign for teens at his Cherry Hill, New Jersey practice. A number of pain patients are referred to Dr. Broker’s orthodontics practice each week seeking help for their TMJ problems, and it falls upon Dr. Broker to find a solution.

Once the TMJ specialist and Cherry Hill Invisalign teen orthodontist has eliminated the source of his patients’ pain – which is usually done with splint therapy and other non-invasive surgical techniques – then he will get to work addressing any other issues they may be complaining of. In many cases, patients who suffer from TMJ will also complain about mal-aligned teeth or crooked smiles. If a TMJ patient needs orthodontics or wants orthodontics for cosmetic reasons, then at that point Dr. Broker says the treatment of choice is definitely going to be Invisalign.

Asking a person who recently completed treatment for TMJ to wear Invisalign aligners is almost like asking that person to continue with the course of treatment he had been on. Invisalign aligners are built in a way that is very similar to the splints that TMJ sufferers are advised to wear during their treatments. If a person who suffered from TMJ were to start conventional orthodontics, then Dr. Broker says there is always the chance that the patient may have to stop in the middle of his orthodontics treatment and go back to splint therapy to alleviate any new instances of TMJ pain. This would delay the treatment and provide a setback for the patient.

For this reason, and many others, the Cherry Hill Invisalign teen expert favors Invisalign over conventional braces for people who have suffered from TMJ. A person going this route will essentially be wearing another splint for 18 months – or the duration of his Invisalign treatment – and this splint will help to prevent any TMJ pain before it starts. For more information on using Invisalign to help patients who have suffered from TMJ, Dr. Broker recommends contacting his office and scheduling an initial consultation with the Cherry Hill Invisalign teen expert.

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