Treatment Options for People With Dry Mouth

Treating a patient with dry mouth can be difficult because of the sheer number of factors that could be causing this one particular symptom. Despite the potential difficulties that some dentists may have, Dr. David Rowe of Paradise Dental says dry mouth remains a symptom that needs to be diagnosed and treated correctly.

An emergency dentist in Port Charlotte, FL, Dr. Rowe recommends that patients with dry mouth symptoms stay away from foods that are high in carbohydrates. High carbohydrate foods, as well as foods and drinks that are high in sugar, tend to dry out the mouth more than those that are high in proteins and other nutrients.

Men and women who suffer from dry mouth should also make sure to visit their dentists and hygienists regularly for semi-annual exams and cleanings. Although most patients come in for cleanings once every six months, some patients need to come in more frequently. Visiting the hygienist regularly for professional cleanings is a great way to keep plaque and sugar off of the teeth and prevent decay and cavities from occurring.

Back at home, the Port Charlotte, FL, emergency dentist recommends that patients who have dry mouth try some of mouth rinses or over-the-counter lozenges as a way to reduce their symptoms. While rinses and lozenges are no substitute for an actual visit with an emergency dentist in Port Charlotte, FL, they do make a good addition to a person’s daily oral care routine.

Even cheaper than purchasing mouth rinses and lozenges is simply to drink more water. Dr. Rowe explains that the saliva that people produce acts as a natural bathing buffer for the teeth. Drinking more water on a daily basis is an effective way to boost the amount of saliva that a person has, which in turn can help when it comes to keeping the teeth clean. People who don’t drink enough water – and don’t have enough saliva in their systems as a result – can become very susceptible to decay, as well as other oral complications.

As an emergency dentist in Port Charlotte, FL, Dr. Rowe says his final advice to people with dry mouth is to take a look at the medications they are taking. Certain prescription and over-the-counter medications used to treat systemic diseases, tumors, and other conditions have been proven to cause dry mouth. Although it is not advisable to get off of those medications without visiting a doctor, Dr. Rowe says it is worthwhile to bring the issue up during subsequent office appointments.

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