To Veneer or Not to Veneer?

Dental veneers have become a popular choice for many patients seeking to fix misaligned or discolored teeth. But, Dr. Scott A. Gelder, a dentist in Cincinnati, warns that you may only be temporarily fixing the problem.

In Cincinnati, dental veneers are frequently used to improve the smile of patients with a variety of issues. Most commonly, dental veneers work to resolve the issue of stained teeth. Sometimes teeth whitening will not be able to remove all discoloration one might be experiencing. Frequently, this is due to the use of medications such as tetracycline, high fevers as a baby when teeth were forming, or discoloration following the removal of braces. In Cincinnati, dental veneers can also be used to resolve issues with the slight misalignment of teeth.

Dental veneers are a thin layer of porcelain which is affixed to the patient’s teeth with a bonding cement. Some of the patient’s natural tooth may need to be removed in order to reduce the amount of bulk and allow the veneer to appear as natural as possible.

Due to the nature of veneers and how they simply lay on top of the patient’s teeth, Dr. Gelder compares dental veneers to fake fingernails. Much like fake fingernails, they improve the aesthetics of the tooth, but should not be considered a permanent fix. The lifespan of dental veneers in Cincinnati is typically about 3-5 years. While some patients may be able to get them to last longer, the habits of the average patient will result in only a few years of use until the veneers begin to break.

In order to resolve the same issues but have longer lasting results, Dr. Gelder recommends the use of dental crowns to his patients. Dental crowns encase the entire tooth in porcelain, making the crowns stronger than your natural teeth. Another advantage of dental crowns is that the crown can be made into any shape desired by the patient, making it easier to get the smile you want.

To find out if dental veneers or crowns are a good choice for you, visit your dentist to discuss your options.

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