Tips for Maintaining Dental Crowns

Unless the ideal conditions are achieved, dental crowns will not last forever. In fact, the reality is that most dental crowns weren’t even designed to last forever. According to Dr. Gertrude Lee of Rocklin Family Dental Group, patients need to do everything they can to maintain the integrity of any temporary or permanent dental crowns in their mouths.

Luckily, Dr. Lee says that maintaining the integrity of a dental crown isn’t that hard as long as a patient keeps up with his daily oral hygiene regimen. According to Dr. Lee, failing to brush and floss each day can lead to a degradation of tissue in the mouth that can damage even the sturdiest of crowns.

A dentist can only do so much when putting crowns into a patient’s mouth. Once the patient leaves the dental office, the responsibility falls on him to keep those  new crowns looking good for as long as possible. If a patient is trying to increase the longevity of the dental crowns in his mouth, Dr. Lee says he should not only be brushing, flossing, and rinsing, but he should be brushing, flossing, and rinsing in the right way.

A dentist who offers implants, Invisalign, and more at her practice in Rocklin, CA, Dr. Lee explains that patients can actually cause damage to their crowns by flossing with an incorrect technique. When a patient flosses, he should be pulling the floss through his teeth without rubbing up into the gums. Pulling and pushing too hard with dental floss can actually make crowns fall off, which is something that Dr. Lee has seen happen more than once.

And how exactly does that work? As Dr. Lee explains, flossing too vigorously for a sustained period of time can wear away at the cement holding the crown in place. Once that cement is worn down too far, the crown will come right off. Interestingly, Dr. Lee says, this is also something that most people aren’t told by their dentists. Most dentists are so concerned with making sure that their patients are flossing regularly that they fail to disclose the reality – which is that flossing incorrectly can actually do more harm than good.

According to Dr. Lee, many patients in Rocklin want to do the best job possible when brushing their teeth. However, they sometimes end up doing themselves a disservice by brushing or flossing too hard and actually damaging their teeth, crowns, and dental fillings in the process. A person who over-brushes his teeth can actually brush away the margin of the dental crown near the gum line, which can causes the area to become sensitive and loosen up the crown.

In Rocklin, CA, Dr. Lee says that patients coming in for Invisalign and other procedures don’t have a problem with not taking care of their teeth. On the contrary, many of her patients are trying too hard to take good care of their teeth.

Anyone with tooth sensitivity issues or feelings of pain along the gum line should visit the dentist to see if he might be brushing too hard and potentially damaging his dental crowns or fillings. Between extreme brushing and incorrect flossing, there are a number of innocent mistakes that people can make without even realizing it.

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